Junior Scorchers Spring Clinic connects cricket pros with future stars

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Junior Scorchers Spring Clinic connects cricket pros with future stars

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Junior Scorchers Spring Clinic connects cricket pros with future stars

The Sunshine Coast Scorchers recently held their Junior Scorchers Spring Clinic, which saw local players from across the coast relish two action-packed days of all things T20 cricket.

The Scorchers were joined by three renowned players and coaches, each of whom shared their extensive knowledge, skills and passion with the young cricketers through several technique-focused sessions.

These coaches included left-handed batting sensation Mackenzie “Macca” Harvey and local cricket hero Jack Whisker – both of whom are Scorchers players – along with the powerhouse of PNG international cricket, Chad “Soperstar” Soper.

The juniors enthusiastically participated in a range of sessions, starting out with strength and conditioning training at the start of each day, incorporating learning correct running techniques. These sessions were led by Whisker, who is a personal trainer off the field. The kids then worked on their bowling with Soper, followed by a batting masterclass with Harvey and Whisker, where they learned about power hitting, T20 shots and reverse sweeps.

The days were also punctuated with fielding practice, catching drills and competitive games, which were designed to teach them how to remain calm under pressure and focus on the ball. One of the key things the youngsters learned was how to remain present in the moment – not only an important skill in cricket, but also in life.

The kids spent the two six-hour days developing their cricketing skills and improving their technique across the board and also had the opportunity to get to know these three seasoned cricket professionals beyond what they’ve seen on TV. Soper acknowledged how great it was to see how eager the young cricketers were to ask questions, and for the pros to be able to share their experiences with them – as well as things they themselves wish they’d known as up-and-coming players.

One of the highlights was the growth in numbers the clinic experienced on the second day, which all came through word of mouth from the kids and parents who raved about how much fun they had on day one.

To any aspiring cricketers keen to get involved in the Scorchers’ next clinic, scheduled to take place sometime this summer, Soper had this to say: “Definitely come down if you want to learn about the game, develop your skills and find out just how much fun cricket can be. Not to mention, you’ll meet a bunch of people and make new friends – some of whom you’ll probably end up playing against in the future!”

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