Jack Whisker chats athletic development for Junior Cricketers

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Jack Whisker chats athletic development for Junior Cricketers

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Jack Whisker chats athletic development for Junior Cricketers

Jack Whisker is a local from the Sunshine Coast where he plays in the Sunshine Coast Scorchers men’s premier side. His love and passion for the sport first started here on the Sunshine Coast where he developed his skills, strengths, and spirit for cricket during his junior years in representative sides.  

The passion Jack has for cricket has guided him to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Jack lives and breathes all things cricket, and loves being a part of the Sunshine Coast Cricket community. 

Say Hi to Jack Whisker

Recently, we were able to catch up with Jack, where we got to chat about all things junior cricket on the Coast and hear Jack’s passion for encouraging and inspiring junior cricketers to reach their goals. 

Q: Hi Jack, tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with Sunshine Coast Junior Cricket.

Hi! I’m Jack Whisker,  I’m currently playing in the men’s premier grade side for Sunshine Coast Scorchers. I have been playing in this men’s competition for 2 years now. 

My cricketing journey and love for the game started here on the Coast, where I represented the Scorchers as a junior, playing in junior rep carnivals. Over the years of going through representative cricket, I have been privileged enough to gain knowledge and wisdom from all my coaches. My junior coach Don Bambling encouraged me to help manage the U13’s and U14’s junior rep sides when he was coaching. For the last two years, I have been lucky enough to take the U12’s Ian Healy Cup side away to Brisbane, as well as the U12’s QJC side. This involvement with the junior rep teams has given me the pathway into running the junior clinics on the Coast, which I really enjoy being a part of. I have been involved with junior rep sides for the last 6 years now, which has developed my passion for making a difference. This passion has led me to undertake studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Over the past 4 years, I have been studying full time, completing my Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science. This degree has been an eye-opener that has made me look at cricket development from a new angle. 

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Q: Why is focusing on development so important for Junior Cricketers?

One of the biggest things I am passionate about is youth development, as there is a large gap in that area. It is seen that a lot of junior cricketers that are coming through are very talented at their sport, but they just do not have that foundation of strength, speed and power to match the talent that they have. 

These fundamentals need to be integrated into programs, to support young players as they progress through the ranks and ultimately end up playing high-level, senior sports. 

There is so much opportunity to integrate strength and conditioning principles into clinics and programs.

“I am passionate about youth development”

Jack Whisker

Q: What are some of the positive experiences you have had when working on athletic development with Junior Cricketers?

I am currently running an athletic development program with a few juniors at Glasshouse Cricket Club. In week one of the development program, the boys undertook a bit of testing and technical drills, introducing them to a few key movements that are needed in order to progress. We are now in week four of the program, and I have already noticed the boys are really progressing well and incorporating those key movements at training. 

Previously when coaching the U12’s Ian Healy Cup side, I noticed that there were a few boys in the team a bit hesitant and not entirely sure about where to go in terms of their fundamentals. The following year it was amazing to see those that adopted the advice I offered, had improved their cricket skills immensely and grew in confidence.

Q: As you know, Sunshine Coast Cricket is running a Junior Cricket Clinic on July 4th and 5th, tell us how the participants will benefit from attending.

The goal for the next junior clinic is to integrate a foundation of strength, speed, and power work. The junior cricketers that do attend will learn these key foundations that they can expand upon with their future endeavours when they decide they want to take the sport higher. This will give each individual those key foundations and technical aspects that they can work on at home. This will help them progress with their cricket.

Q: What’s behind your motivation for being involved with Junior Cricket on the Sunshine Coast.

I have come through playing junior cricket on the Coast, and now I am playing for the Sunshine Coast Scorchers. For me, a big part of this is giving back to Sunshine Coast Cricket, because they have given a lot to me, which is why I am where I am today. I want to give back to the juniors and share my cricket knowledge, so hopefully one day, they can come through and play for the Sunshine Coast Scorchers in their senior years. It is that cycle that then, hopefully, means those players will then pass on their knowledge to the juniors coming through again. 

For me, a big part of this is giving back to Sunshine Coast Cricket, because they have given a lot to me, for me to be where I am today

Jack Whisker

Any final words?

The best advice that I could give to junior cricketers, would be to have fun and most importantly, enjoy the game. Don’t get caught up on the statistics and results, because once you get to the higher levels of cricket, there is a lot of pressure and if you’re not enjoying it, you’re not going to last. The biggest thing is to make sure you’re enjoying the eight hours with your teammates, because at the end of the day, you’re spending the most amount of your time out on the cricket field, enjoy time with your mates and have fun.

Have fun and most importantly, enjoy the game

Jack Whisker

Ready to kick-start your pre-season?

If you’re a Junior Cricketer on the Sunshine Coast and would like to kick-start the pre-season by developing your cricket and performance, then come along to our next junior clinic, held July 4th and 5th where we will be focusing on fun, fitness, and fundamentals!

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