CLUB SPOTLIGHT | Wamuran Stanley River Cricket Club

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CLUB SPOTLIGHT | Wamuran Stanley River Cricket Club

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CLUB SPOTLIGHT | Wamuran Stanley River Cricket Club

Wamuran Stanley Rivers

Wamuran Stanley River Cricket Club’s Bulls are based between the Wamuran Sports Complex (for Seniors and Juniors) and the Stanley River Sports Complex (for Junior Blasters and Master Blasters). President Danny Lang started out on the committee of the former Stanley River Cricket Club before it merged with Wamuran Cricket Club.

Tell us about your club. 

We decided to merge three or four years ago, and have gone from strength to strength ever since. We’ve grown from one senior and one junior team to a high point of 10 teams, with three senior men’s teams, a senior women’s team, three junior teams and a couple of Master Blasters. We’re quite pleased with how we’ve developed over the last couple of seasons. 

We currently have 33 juniors, excluding Master Blasters. 11 of those juniors (over the last couple of seasons), managed to make it onto representative teams, which has been great to see! 

What are you most proud of? 

The club is incredibly supportive of its junior players – we really want to provide an environment where they can grow not only as cricketers but as people. Our seniors are passionate about being positive mentors for the kids, and being involved with their journey through the club as they get older. We want to ensure that our juniors are set up to continue playing cricket, and enjoy the sport as much as their senior counterparts. 

Another achievement was having two premierships last season: senior men’s division 4, and our under 12 juniors. It was especially pleasing to see our juniors succeed – the seniors were already a well-established team of seasoned players, but the juniors had a mix of players who worked really hard and developed into a great team. 

What is your main goal for the season? 

We want to continue to get more juniors involved in the club, leveraging the growth we’ve experienced over the last couple of seasons. We’ve spent the last few months focusing on increasing numbers in our Junior Blasters and Master Blasters programs by promoting the club through the eight schools in our catchment. Our goal is to have one Master Blasters team from each school. 

We have between 30 and 35 Junior Blasters and Master Blasters at the moment, which is twice our previous season’s count. We’d love to see them come through the system in three to five years’ time, eventually joining our junior teams. We want to be on the journey with them the whole way. 

What makes you different from other clubs? 

For all of us, watching the kids develop as players and as people is what makes being a part of the club so rewarding. We have a shared goal of sparking a love for the sport in all of our juniors. Wouldn’t it be great if in 10 or 20 years’ time, we have a kid who ends up playing for Australia? Being able to say that he started at Wamuran Stanley River Cricket Club – that would be a great achievement for us. Overall, we have a shared vision for what we’re trying to achieve as a collective, and our juniors are the focus of that vision. 

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