CLUB SPOTLIGHT | University of Sunshine Coast Cricket Club

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CLUB SPOTLIGHT | University of Sunshine Coast Cricket Club

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CLUB SPOTLIGHT | University of Sunshine Coast Cricket Club

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Catching up with Chris

Chris Agapow is the President of the University of Sunshine Coast Cricket Club, formerly known as Buderim Cricket Club. Their home grounds are Ballinger Sports Park in Buderim, and the University of Sunshine Coast’s cricket facilities.

Tell us a bit about your club.

The Club was established in about 1903 as Buderim Cricket Club, and has been a big part of the Buderim community since then. A few years ago, we partnered with the University of Sunshine Coast and rebranded to USC Cricket Club. We’ve got 10 teams in the Saturday morning junior competition, as well as six senior men’s teams, a senior women’s team and Junior Blaster and Master Blaster programs for the U10s. We’d be in the top 3 clubs on the Coast in terms of member numbers.

What are you most proud of?

We pride ourselves on providing a place for everyone. We’ve adopted the club motto of excellence through inclusion, and have members from all around the world, all ages, all genders. It’s a reflection of the atmosphere that we provide, having developed an environment where everyone feels like they can come along. We’re family-oriented, we’re inclusive, and we’ve taken to heart that Cricket Australia’s motto is that cricket is truly a sport for all. We try to live that.

That’s what sport should be about, really – we’re not all going to be world-beaters and champions, but we can still take part and have a great time. We also need to recognise that sport plays a big part in overall wellbeing. It provides opportunities for people to not only improve their physical health, but also gain a sense of belonging and a sense of community, which contribute to positive mental health. All those things are important to help people live a happy life.

What’s your main goal for the season?

Our big goal was to increase female participation. We’ve achieved that, with the highest number of junior girls’ registrations on the Coast. The Club has also thrown its weight behind getting senior women’s competitions up and running, and continues to work closely with Queensland Cricket to make that happen.

We’re looking forward to seeing the split between men and women players approach 50/50 – women are 50% of the population, after all, so there’s no reason why club membership should be any different. We’re hoping to have two senior women’s teams next season, and have equal opportunities for everyone across all age brackets.

What does it mean to you to be involved as President?

I truly consider the Club my extended family. It’s become such a natural part of my life to just pop in and see which teams are training or playing, spend time having a chat with people – I treat everyone at the Club with the respect and importance they deserve, and it’s humbling to receive that in return.

We’re a key part of the community, and I hope to see the Club continue to go from strength to strength.

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