CLUB SPOTLIGHT | Tewantin-Noosa Cricket Club

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CLUB SPOTLIGHT | Tewantin-Noosa Cricket Club

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CLUB SPOTLIGHT | Tewantin-Noosa Cricket Club

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Catching up with Chris

Alec Munn is the President of Tewantin Noosa Cricket Club, based at Read Park, Dale Officer Oval and Mat Thornhill Oval in Tewantin.

Tell us a bit about your club.

Tewantin Noosa Cricket Club started around 100 years ago as Tewantin Cricket Club, before transitioning to its current structure in 1971. The Club has 200-odd players across five senior men’s teams, one senior women’s team and six junior teams. We also have just over 50 young cricketers in our Junior Blasters and Master Blasters programs.

What are you most proud of about the Club?

I’m most proud of the community. Members across all levels will step up and help out whenever they can, whether juniors or seniors. There are also families of members volunteering for lots of different jobs around the club. After a season or two without a women’s team, we’ve re-established one this season, which has brought a nice balance to the community at the Club. They’re currently Tier 2 and experiencing fantastic results.

Overall, I’m most proud of the fact that the Club is a friendly and welcoming place to be and play.

What is your main goal for this season?

We want to ensure everyone receives the support they need to make their experience at the club a great one, whether they’re a parent, player, member or visitor. That happens through the committee improving our facilities and equipment and actively taking feedback on board.

Without volunteers, we don’t have a club, so we want to ensure that we’re making them feel supported and appreciated. Starting last season, we had a volunteer appreciation day, where volunteers would have a few drinks on the house and celebrate the season with other members. We also highlight volunteers in our newsletters and on social media, allowing us to show our appreciation to someone who’s stepping up and helping out.

What makes your club different?

We’re always receiving feedback from both our own members and any visitors to the Club that our groundskeeping gurus, Jarred and Scott – who are also players and volunteers – always turn out a great wicket.

We’re constantly complimented on our well-maintained fields – it’s a safe bet that you’re always going to have a really great wicket to play on.

The field is a very important focus of ours, and we’re very lucky to have Jarred and Scott on board as the brains behind our groundskeeping operation. They put a lot of hours into making everything run smoothly.

What does it meant to you to be involved as President?

It’s an honour to represent the club in the various forums you have to as a president. Apart from the official role, I’m here to help as much as I can – and in any way I can – to ensure that every player, family member, and guest has a great experience at the club. I look back at my time as president and can see I’ve made a positive difference. This is my second season as President and I’m excited for future seasons.

What’s next for the Club?

I can see the club continuing to grow stronger in lots of different ways. It’s always exciting to see juniors moving up into senior grades – we’ve got a lot of talented junior players who’ll be sticking around to complement the talent found in our senior teams. We’ve had interest from other women wanting to join and play, so we’re foreseeing growth there. Our community is growing stronger and more close-knit as time goes by and our committee and other volunteers are working on upgrades to our facilities and equipment. It’s really exciting to be a part of the Club’s development and watch the future unfold.

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