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Matt Norton has been involved in Landsborough Loggers Cricket Club in some capacity for the last 12 years. Currently, he’s not only the club’s president, but also a player, coach and manager.

Tell us a bit about your club.

Landsborough Cricket Club is a great community club, where we pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming environment. A great example of this is the fact that several parents of our junior players don’t just come to watch their kids – they actually get involved themselves. One of our senior teams is made up entirely of the parents of our junior members.

The Club was most recently established in 1990, but has been around since the early 1900s. We have two senior teams, six junior teams and then our master blasters and junior blasters programs. We don’t have a women’s team this season, although we had a Tier 2 team last season. Our senior female members play every now and again in the men’s teams, and we’re hoping to re-establish a women’s team next season. We may not be the biggest club on the Coast, but we’re experiencing year-on-year growth, which is great
to see.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of our young members and the way their friendships have grown and their abilities have improved. Watching them start in the Junior Blasters program, then progress through the Master Blasters program, U11s, U13s – they’re a close-knit bunch and they’ve developed not only their skills, but their bonds with each other. Each year, they keep coming back, and they keep getting better.

We’ve supported these young players with training from an external coach, who comes in once a fortnight to train them and also teach their parents how they can help with their kids’ progression.

What’s your main goal for the next season?

We’d like to keep participation at a high level, while introducing new players and families to the Club.
We’re always looking to grow our community with fresh faces, particularly in the junior space.

What’s your point of difference from other clubs?

It’s got to be the backdrop down here at Landsborough. It’s a beautiful environment – peaceful, friendly, there’s no pressure. Everyone just comes on down and enjoys themselves.

What does it mean to you to be involved in the Club as President?

I’m really proud to be President, particularly having been a member for over a decade and having seen the Club change from being predominantly made up of seniors to really committed to growing its group of juniors. Watching all the young kids come up through the ranks while also getting to involve new people in the club – you can’t beat that.

What are your plans for the future of the club?

We’re working with Queensland Cricket on getting an all-girls’ junior team together, which will probably be an U12s team. We also want to bring our senior women’s side back together and increase our numbers in the Master Blasters space. They’ll be big focuses for us for the rest of the season and into the off-season, too.

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